M&M Photography

What they say about me....

"Gifted! Unique! Amazing! There are not enough words in the current dictionary to describe Megan's photography. A few years back we shot for the first time together. After working with a huge list of photographers I was starting to get bored. That's when Megan amazed me for the first time. She made me want to model again. She deleted the boredom, and every new shoot from her is better than the first. She keeps finding new ways to draw me in. I have never felt more comfortable with a photographer. Her photo's reveal the 'real' person. Not just a picture with a person in it. She has a way of capturing the rawest forms of emotion. Not only is she absolutely amazing she is mature and professional by far. I would suggest if you have the opportunity to work with her that you don't miss it! And I'm not just saying this because she is my bff! haha. M&M Photography is the hidden talent you are lucky to have just found!" -Bree

"Megan is fantastic to work with.  She takes amazing pictures and shoots are a blast!  She makes the most of natural light and is one of the few photographers that turns out fantastic shots without massive photoshop alterations." -Toria

"OMG!  Megan these turned out so great! You are awesome!!
I really like how you edit pics too.  i can see you really put time into your work. <3" -Kristy